Purify Docs

Getting Started


Breakdown of the main parts of Purify.


The root component can be a single software project or a collection of team projects.


The direct child of a project, may represent releases, sub-projects, or any other type of separation that makes sense to you.


Belong to the unit. Delivered from any tool of your choice. The only requirement that it should be JSON or XML document.


Using templates, you can remove duplicate results from the same tool, as well as similar findings from different tools.


Extracted from the report and formatted based on the template. The Issue is a flexible representation of the results from the report, because you decide which field to display and how.

Play with it

There is a demo instance of Purify, feel free to play with it. This instance contains enough data to take a look at all the basic functions of Purify.
You can find reports samples here.
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